We are OPEN! Yay!

Hey Gurl!

Thank you so much for your patience with us as we got our website together. After many long days, late nights and more hiccups than we care to remember SASSI is now online! YAY! *Does backflip* lol 


We'll be keeping you up to date on the latest fashion styles gracing the high streets to make sure you are ALWAYS slayin'. We have tons of bold prints, colour blocking and boho gear to get you ready for summer. So, as we wait for the sun to show its glorious face, let’s get straight into some of this summer's hottest trends!...


You better get that dirt off your shoulder! 

(We couldn't resist dropping that terrible pun! lol) Anyhoo, bardots, asymmetrical shapes and cold shoulders are everywhere this season so why not give them a go and bare some skin. These styles are super versatile allowing you to take your look from day to night in no time! Be sure to throw on a statement choker to complete the look :-D



Chunky 'n' Funky

Bold statement chokers and jewellery pieces are all the rage this summer. Don't be afraid to layer them on too! Try pairing velvet choker with a multi layered necklace to add some uniqueness to your outfit. Add some diamontes to your outfit for some shimmer




Pretty Pleats 

Micro pleats are everywhere this season. So whether you prefer them in a Playsuit, Cullote or Crop Top be sure to top up your wardrobe with this sassy trend.





Captivating Co-Ords

Summer just isn’t the same without a killer co-ordinate in tow. So whether you opt for simple and sleek or bold and daring be sure to update your wardrobe with this super trendy style!


 Chokin' Up

Chokers have taken this season by storm! a choker paired bandeau dress creates a sultry look with tons of attitude. Don't be shy to get creative! Play around with lace, velvet and fur to really show off your awesome personality :-D

That's all for now gals! But stay tuned we have tons more in store for you! 

Lots of love,