How To Become A GIRL BOSS

How To Become A Girl Boss

Guide To Becoming the Ultimate Girl Boss 

We know our girl gang is filled with tons of mega babes but there’s nothing wrong with stepping up your game to become the ultimate Girl Boss. After all, it pays to keep growing. Diving straight in here are some tips to get you started in your journey of total bad-assery! 


Get some goals and write those bad boys down

How To Take Control Of Your Life

Hun, goal setting is key to get ahead. So, take some time to sit somewhere quiet and think about what is it you want to achieve. Get really clear on what you want. Big or small, grab a pen and paper and write it down. Needless to say you have to start taking MASSIVE action to make these dreams a reality. Which leads us on to our next point…


Make sure your goals are SMART

Become Your Best Self

S – Specific: Ask yourself, What do I want, Why do I want it? Where I can I get it from. The more focus the better

M – Measurable: Think about how you would like to measure the achievement of the goal. What need to have done in order to consider the goal as accomplished? Also, make sure the goal is actually one that motivates you to achieve it.

A – Attainable:  A series of small goals and taking massive action will allow you to build momentum and willpower over time. Find a merciless accountability partner to keep you focused and address your weak points head on ! We all have that friend who will call us out on our crap, so make the most of it!

R- Realistic: We are all for setting enormous, pie in the sky goals and we know we will achieve them. But don’t forget – baby steps girl! Make sure the goal is reachable within the time frame and parameters set. This doesn’t mean you have to set goals that don’t challenge you. Not at all! Just make sure the goals are small enough so that they don’t seem like a huge mountain.

T – Time Sensitive: Set an achievable time frame and stick to it no matter what! No excuses.


Keep Fit - Get your booty off the sofa and break a sweat!Eat Well for a Better Life - Become a BOSS

With the new year well in swing healthy eating and exercise are thrown in our faces everywhere we turn. However, as cliché as some of those clean living Instagram posts and videos can be, they do have a point. Committing to a consistent exercise regime. It doesn’t have to be boring so don’t be shy to mix it up if going to the gym is not your thing. Try dance classes, Yoga, Pilates and Outdoor sports such as canoeing and Obstacle Course running. The options are endless….


Look Your Best - You know you've got it ;-D

Look Your Best

Always try to look good – outgrown roots, chipped nails and the equal unattractive oversized tracksuit are rarely cute. As much as we all love to were something comfortable and honestly can’t be bothered to go all the way to the salon to repair our chipped shellac nails, looking fabulous will make you feel great! Invest in your look to increase your confidence.

Take the time to have a good wardrobe detox and invest in key pieces such as an Oversized Coat, Little Black Dress, Boyfriend Jeans and Basic white Tee will ensure you are ready for any occasion that crops up. Rocking up looking AMAZING will do wonders for you. So, try it ;-D

Network – Hanging out with other girl bosses and awesome dudes will keep you inspired and pumped. Creating a support network of like-minded peeps that will keep you on track when the road gets rough is vital to achieving your goals! Don’t forget to support them too, we all need some encouragement from time to time.

While there is no need to be a total follower. By Keeping up to date with the trends you can subtly incorporate them into your outfit. Bell Sleeves, Frills, Graphic Tees, Lace Dresses and Boho Inspired Looks are all the rage at the mo!


Stop comparing yourself to others! No, seriously Babe. STOP!

 Stop Comparing Yourself To Others


With social media at our fingertips 24-7 we are all exposed to curated versions of everyone’s lives. While it’s great to look at other for inspiration. Idolising someone’s Instagram feed and wishing you had their life is so unhealthy and is one of the fastest routes to nowhere. So don’t do it! The moment you feel disheartened remind yourself that you are on your own journey and will get there. Then get back to slayin’!

It takes time - Don’t give up!

Don't Give Up


Being a Bad Ass Girl Boss takes an enormous amount of bravery, determination, patience and persistence. You will have to use your time wisely, working smarter and harder, Even when the odds are stacked up against you and you feel like throwing in the towel, you must resist the urge. Instead look at your Long term goals, take calculated risks, make and learn from mistakes and tweak your goals as you become more refined in your craft. You will always be a work in progress, constantly evolving. Embrace it!


BELIEVE in yourself

Believe In Yourself

You are capable of everything you put your mind. Wake up and make the decision to back yourself EVERYDAY. This applies even when other don’t share your enthusiasm. Misery loves company, refuse to give it to them. Remember, YOU are responsible for your success and your mind-set will determine what you achieve. So, work on growing everyday. Read books, get an audiobook subscription so you can learn on the go and attend conferences to stay fueled and to keep on moving forward.


Now you know how to become a GIRL BOSS, get out there and make it happen


You got this!
Lots of Love,
The SASSI Squad